360°(Degree) Spectrum
Paradise One, Derebail, Second Floor, 206, Mangalore -575006

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Charlton John D’sa

Charlton, or CJ as we all call him, is a our finance wizard extraordinaire. With a strong educational background in Finance and a natural knack for handling money, he is unbeatable in financial planning. Driven by a passion for numbers and a dedication to ongoing learning, Charlton brings a wealth of expertise to our team.

Nabeela D’sa

Nabeela, a meticulous and detail-oriented leader who thrives on taking action and seizing opportunities. With a strong cup of black coffee in hand, she finds comfort and inspiration drive her entrepreneurial endeavors forward. With a background in thee advertising and education industries, Nabeela is fueling by her passion to transform creative ideas into tangible and impactful results. Her unwavering dedication and enterprising mindset empower her to build a productive powerhouse that turns vision into reality.

Clinton D’sa

Clinton is the visionary force behind 360 Spectrum. With an MBA in finance and marketing, he brings dynamic experience from successfully managing multiple businesses in Kuwait. Clinton is a hands on go-getter who puts professionalism above all else and constantly seeks new ways to add value.